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It took me a long time to read Have His Carcase. Sayers’ detailed style is, perhaps, a little slow for the contemporary ear. On the other hand, it speaks to the real pace of most police work. They laboriously check every lead, slowly eliminating possibilities till they narrow it down to the real killer. It’s not exciting, but it is satisfying because it works.


  1. kayann short says:

    I first read the Sayers’ mysteries forty years ago and re-read them again last year. I still enjoy their commentary on the British class system and their combination of pathos and humor. My favorite is Gaudy Night for its portrayal of women in early academia and because Harriet Vane is the sleuth. Murder Must Advertise is fun for a look at early advertising campaigns. Sayers left several unfinished manuscripts when she died, which have been completed by another author. If you’re looking for more Wimsey/Vane collaborations, check them out!

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