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It’s been almost four years since I added a new novel to my top 100 list. That is partly because I haven’t had time to read novels much during that span and partly because the few I have read didn’t make the list. It is wonderful to read a really good novel, again.

In her fourth book, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie masterfully uses a mostly non-linear narrative and occasional shifts in narrative perspective to tell a story about a Nigerian woman in the US as she struggles to find her self and her voice and her love. Americanah is startling smart and witty, romantic and remarkable: for it’s beautiful prose, often with long sentences that somehow avoid feeling dense; for the sharp clarity of it’s observations about the world; and for it’s unflinching perspective on race and culture in the United States. Read it if you want a view of the US from the outside and, more importantly, to understand cultural difference and the dilemma of an immigrant better.


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  1. kayann short says:

    This novel makes me wish I were still teaching. I would love to hear what students have to say about the protagonist’s insights and experiences. I think they’d find her inspiring. Great addition to your list!

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