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zone one (spoiler alert)



Zone One (2011) is the only zombie novel I’ve read, so I can’t tell you how it stacks up with others in the genre. I can tell you how it compares to other Colson Whitehead books, since I’ve written about a few here. In that category, it is enjoyable, with typically fine prose and smart-ass introspection aplenty. The scenario is as plausible as most of his are and the pacing fast without feeling at all rushed. The lasting image I carry from the reading is that any remaining humans must survive by passing as zombies; they are doomed to be the only thinking and feeling creatures among millions of thoughtless and soulless virus vectors. Either Whitehead is deeply, crushingly lonely or he had a long relationship, which he thought was forever, end badly before he finished the writing.



  1. johnmmartin says:

    I’ve read a few zombie novels. This one sounds better than most. I think I’ve said to you before that I find zombies crashingly boring – you kill them, then kill them again, etc. Rachel says they symbolize the pervasive dis-ease about the implacable environmental, economic, and social collapse of her times and an individuals inability to address any one of the problems in any effective way. Saddens me.

  2. kayann short says:

    So is the spoiler the apocalypse or the break-up?

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