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the hunger games; catching fire; mockingjay


Suzanne Collins’ trilogy of novels — the first book made into an amazingly faithful-to-the-book and successful movie — is a nice exploration of post-apocalyptic themes, combined with a young adult perspective. The books start a little slowly, building to Collins’ strength: action scenes, where she maintains tension through an almost continuous onslaught of booby traps and just plain evil people. She is weaker on politics (where she displays a knee-jerk distrust of all people in power)  and sometimes strains believability in transitions from one action scene to another. But she is also able to interject some of humanity’s finer aspects (e.g., loyalty, love, strength in the face of adversity).

Relatively quick reads, I enjoyed all three books — especially a surprisingly mature conclusion to the story (no spoilers, here). Read them if you’re into great protagonists, dystopian futures, and consistent world-building.



  1. johnmmartin says:

    Trying not to spoil: And does the fundamental premise of who’s in danger and who dies – particularly in the first book – elicit nothing of revulsion?

    • halshop says:

      Of course one is revolted by the premise of the books — in the same way that one is revolted by oppression, war, and injustice in the world around us. I believe that is part of Collins’ point and something she gets at in multiple ways (still, trying not to spoil).

      • johnmmartin says:

        For me the line between doing violence by writing violence and cautioning against violence by writing violence was a skirted too close. But it did allow me to talk to Rachel.

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