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“A college degree ain’t what it used to be.”


This blog post gives a sense of what people are feeling like on the ground. I’ve heard similar sentiments from several people, mostly white middle class folks. What it looks like to me is that as those people are increasingly competing in the work place with people with whom they didn’t used to have to compete. Makes them mad, because they feel entitled to a job — after all, they’ve been told all their lives that a college degree is the key to a good job.  The result is a more or less deliberate devaluation of the college degree. That is, as some of us work to democratize a college education, others work to maintain the privilege they’ve enjoyed in the past.



  1. johnmmartin says:

    Seems like there is are missing dimensions to this post. It seems to pit the middle class against – what is the word for those not at middle class level? Isn’t the game being cornered by the very small owning class just now? Who benefit from strife among the non-owning class.

  2. halshop says:


    Yeah, the game is rigged by and for the very small owning class. And that’s my point exactly. I hear white and middle class folks talking about their expectations about a college degree and what it should get them. As they see their expectations not being realized, they are sometimes devaluing the degree and in other ways continuing to try to separate themselves from other people (i.e., people of color and working class folks) with whom they should be forming an alliance to take back the game from the rich.

    So, your argument is already implied in my post, which is a critique of white middle class people continuing to cling to a shrinking privilege at the expense of most everyone else — only the wealthy benefit.

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