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the curriculum trap


I believe we are, as a society, in the process of reconceptualizing  and redefining what it means to be educated, what it means to get a college degree, and what a college degree means when you have it. Part of that shift is rethinking our curriculum, particularly in traditional academic disciplines such as math and English.

This Sean McFarland video does a nice job of putting this all in context, especially for those of us living, teaching, and learning in California.

The discussion raises all kinds of questions and ideas and I will be posting more on it and related topics in the near future.



  1. johnmmartin says:

    Yeah, Hal, that definitely seems right. I am beginning to feel a little irresponsible teaching calculus, etc. to earnestly aspiring young doctors and lawyers – as if the structure is, or will be, stable enough that they will be able to plug themselves into it. It may in fact be the other way around, that their anxiety about this dubious project is rubbing off on me.

  2. jd2718 says:

    It is certainly relevant beyond California. Thanks.


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