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Sir Ken Robinson continues to make a name for himself as a critic and commentator on our educational systems. This RSA Animate video narrated by Robinson has been view by almost 2 million people on YouTube alone. His main message: the way we’re educating our children isn’t working (and probably never worked for most people) and that we need to seriously rethink it.

Robinson’s critique is, in my view, accurate and it leads me to think we need to provide community based, multi-generational education for our children. As I see it, this requires a change in our lifestyles so that we don’t “go off to work” everyday, but rather work near our homes at tasks that can include our children (and our neighbor’s children), mentoring them to do the same work we are doing. This seems too big a change for the near future. I don’t have the vision for what creative, divergent education that would engage all our children looks like. There’s certainly a middle ground between what we have now and a complete cultural and economic shift — I can’t see it, but I’m trying to see it.


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