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The broad-based coalition, Campaign for High School Equity, has created what it calls the “Plan for Success,” which seeks to prepare “every student for graduation, college, work, and life.”

Every school year, about 1.2 million students drop out of our nation’s high schools, leaving almost one of every three freshmen without a high school degree four years later. While roughly 70 percent of all high school students graduate on time, African American, Hispanic, and American Indian and Alaska Native students have only a 58 percent or less chance of graduating from high school with a regular diploma. In addition – and contrary to the model minority myth – many Asian Americans also face barriers in education.

The Campaign for High School Equity’s inaugural publication, A Plan for Success: Communities of Color Define Policy Priorities for High School Reform, makes a compelling case for the need to invest in high schools and provides a blueprint for meaningful reform. Its recommendations include a call to:

  • Make all students proficient and prepared for college and work;
  • Hold high schools accountable for student success;
  • Redesign the American high school;
  • Provide students with the excellent leaders and teachers they need to succeed;
  • Invest communities in student success; and
  • Provide equitable learning conditions for all students.

Download the plan at: http://www.highschoolequity.org/files/PlanforSuccess_0.pdf

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