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coordinating an effective learning center


While I was working at the coordinator for a math learning center, I tried to identify what I thought the important aspects of the work were. Recently, I rediscovered the document I put together then and, although it’s not perfect, I thought it might be useful for some of the teachers who occasionally look at this blog.

In the essay, I identify eight qualities that I think make a learning center a place that truly empowers and makes connections with students:

  • Caring
  • Approachable
  • Consistent
  • Relatively uniform in pedagogy
  • Energetic and motivating
  • Teamwork-oriented
  • Resource-multiplying
  • Consistently engaged in professionally development

I expand on these some in the essay and I conclude with the following mottoes:

  • I don’t teach math, I teach students.
  • Human beings are more important than disciplines or centers or institutions.

I believe these ideas are as important, if not more so, now, in my current role as a classroom teacher, as I did then.

Click Coordinating an Effective Learning Center to download the entire document.


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