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more about tea — 2

Ah, the joys of black jasmine tea! The honeyed jasmine notes are distinctly there, but this is not a flowery confection. On the contrary, this is strong, black tea suitable for your morning cup or for an afternoon pick-me-up. Cherry wood and cranberries, together with a touch of the grassy, mustiness characteristic of a Yunan, all layered together with jasmine, create a complex tea experience worthy of Lu Yu, China’s first real tea specialist and author of Cha Ching (which translates as “tea classic”). Sublime, yet powerful. Subtle, yet direct. Sweet and still with enough bite to carry the day. I love this tea.



  1. Mags says:

    Black jasmine? Your description of the flavors was evocative enough to make me eye my advance tin of Holiday Breakfast Blend with a slight twinge of envy. I’m a huge Yunnan fan, so the thought of the addition of jasmine intrigues me. Sounds yummy!

  2. halshop says:


    Aaron has the tea and there’s plenty more where that came from. It seems that few people know about black jasmine tea, so there’s not much of a market. That means more for us!

  3. Jamie says:

    black jasmine tea? this is weird..i had little pu erh tuo with jasmine but never had black with jasmine…i wonder how it taste like..

    black tea has it own unique sweet taste..hmmm i should try, i have tried the lapsang souchong from http://www.teacuppa.com but i dont think it would be great if blended with jasmine…

    *deep thought*

  4. jd2718 says:

    I thought the Jasmine in my cupboard was black tea with the fragrant blossoms blended in. Here’s the store I go to: Porto Rico. I assumed that the standard jasmines (regular and fancy) were both black. My friend’s wife, btw, is partial to the nashi and the rose petal…

  5. halshop says:


    I checked out Porto Rico. It looks like a great place to buy tea, but all of the jasmine tea I saw looks like green tea. What color is the tea when you brew it? If it’s a greenish amber, it’s green tea. If it’s reddish gold, then it might be black tea. If it is black tea, I’d like to know because my friend who is in the tea business (I call him “the nose”) has never heard of any black jasmine tea other than the one I wrote about. Thanks.

  6. jd2718 says:

    I’ll go into their main shop this weekend and ask. I think it’s black (that golden color) – the one I like.

  7. jd2718 says:

    So the cute salesgirl stares at it, says it looks green to her… I was wrong.

  8. halshop says:

    I feel your pain.

  9. Mags says:

    I figured The Nose had it. I’ll have to ask him to hook it up next time!

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