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an actual web log entry


A friend of mine tells me you know you’re addicted to blogging if you take time to blog when you really need to be doing other things. Perhaps, I’m addicted. I blame you all. When I started, I never really thought anyone would read it. But you do and I thank you.

I’m short on time because my semester started last week and I’m still not recovered. I had 80 students show up for the first day of one of my classes (supposed to be a limit of 35). My other class was not as full, but still around 70. And because I let students add if they come to class every day and do the homework, I am grading a lot of papers every night.

In addition, I recently moved. This means I’m closer to work, which is great, but I don’t get my enforced reading time in on the train. So, I’m not getting as many books read, which leads to fewer reviews posted. I hope to figure my schedule out soon and return to my usual pace (whatever that is).

Just to let you know what to expect: I’m currently working on bell hooks’ Teaching to Transgress, as well as re-reading Neuromancer (William Gibson).


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